Turning the tide on poaching
In the absence of official recognition, many small-scale fishers have resorted to poaching, but will a new policy keep illegal fishing at bay?
Rock revolution a way out of poverty
It attracts some of the world's best climbers, but now bouldering is changing the lives of Cederberg children. This article accompanied my video piece.
Canned lion hunting: Necessary evil?
After a video clip showing a botched bow hunt goes viral, this article explores whether the hunting of captive bred lions in South Africa is necessary in order to preserve the species.
Goodall still aims to save the world
My interview with the world-famous primatologist and activist ahead of her 80th birthday in 2014.
Life bursts from the ashes
An article to accompany my video explaining some of the ecological functions of fynbos fires.
Redefining the Boer
This long form piece explores the challenges faced by South Africa's small scale farmers and addresses land redistribution and food security issues.
Jouberts have no regrets
On the eve of the release of their latest film, legendary South African conservationists Dereck and Beverly Joubert look back on 40 years of adventure in Botswana's wilderness. Reflecting on the compromises they have made over the years, they told Aletta Harrison they have no regrets.
Ghost Island
An interactive digital story featuring video, photographs and writing about life on the former prison island.
Often open and occasionally friendly
How one man's quest to fund his 'selfish' surfer lifestyle led to a surprising journey of self-discovery.
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