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2015 Cape Peninsula fire commemorated in new photo book

Photo: Jaco Marais

CapeAflame was officially launched last night - the book is a collection of the best photographs from the March 2015 Cape Peninsula fire. It's testament to the devastating beauty of the flames as well as the incredible work by the men and women who fought it.

Arriving at the launch I was greeted by the surprising sight of one of my images printed out on an enormous banner. I remember the day in Tokai - it felt particularly apocalyptic. It was as if an eerie and deserted atmosphere hung over the neighbourhood with the huge clouds of soot and smoke. Most residents had been evacuated from the area already and the wind had turned. Then I caught sight of these men leading some horses to a place of safety, the mood of the moment on their faces...

The book is filled with many more astonishing images from some of the best photographers in South Africa.The CapeAflame project will benefit four organisations involved in firefighting in Cape Town - SanParks Honorary Rangers, the Cape Peninsula Fire Protection Association (CPFPA), the Volunteer Wildfire Services and the Cape of Good Hope SPCA.

You can read more about the initiative or buy your own copy here:

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